Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Out of class assignment two

Two weekends ago I went to visit The College of William and Mary which was not my first visit.  This weekend was different for me particularly because I had to tryout for the schools cheerleading team!  As I nervously prepared myself for the weekend ahead of me my mind couldn't stop racing.  I have cheered for about 10 years now but regardless it is such a nerve-wrecking event.  I went up on a saturday afternoon and was invited to hang out and stay with some of the current cheerleaders prior to tryouts.  We went to the beach and dinner and all got together that night!  It was tons of fun and I loved having that experience so they could give me pointers on what to do and not to do.  Sunday morning we wake up and all get ready for the long day ahead of us!  We were together from 9:30-5:00 all showing our best skills to try and make the team!  There are 20 spots available on the team but the coach is required to leave spots for incoming freshman who try out at a different time.  Not knowing how many girls she was taking was very scary!  After a long day we all had to leave, the coach explained that she would let us know the following day.  As I drove home that evening I couldn't wait to find out!  After all day of waiting she finally posted the results and thankfully I had made the team!  This helps me adjust to the college so much easier knowing that I have a group of people who I already know.  I also enjoyed my visit not only because I got to have one of the best experiences of my life, but because every time I go I fall more in love with the school and campus!

Out of class assignment 1

For one of my out of class assignments this semester I decided to go to VCU and tour the school of education!  This was in early February and I had not exactly made up my mind yet on William and Mary!  The School of Education at VCU is wonderful! It was just the area that turned me away from VCU.  I know I would love the city at first, but being that I want to attend grad school for my masters I would be sick of it by that time.  The tour was tons of fun and I loved the program and the diversity that VCU has.  The school of education also has a 5 year program where you can get your masters in 5 years which is awesome!  With me being a year ahead that would've been very ideal because I would graduate in 4 years with my masters in education.  Thankfully I have found this same program at William and Mary.  VCU is a beautiful school, but I have made my choice to attend William and Mary which I am ecstatic about!  This was a very tough decision for me to make knowing that my whole future depends on this one decision.  Like many of you I commute back and forth from home to RBC.  That has been something that I absolutely hate, driving to go to class is something that annoys me a lot. If I would've attended VCU my parents would prefer for me to commute which was not ideal for me at all.  This played a factor as I weighed out my options between the two schools.  I am glad I have had the chance to experience both schools and learns tons of helpful information about each!  I wish everyone here good luck whether you're graduating this semester or not!  Keep reaching your goals and making new ones!


In class and out of class we had to watch the movie se7en and write an essay on it.  Luckily this movie was very interesting and wasn't a normal boring movie that professors make you watch.  Throughout this movie two investigators were solving a series of murders that ended up being motivated by the seven deadly sins, wrath, greed, lust, gluttony, envy, prude, and sloth.  The two investigators, Somerset and Mills played by Brad Pitt and Morgan Freeman were very diverse from one another.  This made some comical scenes in the movie between the two.  Overall I thoroughly enjoyed this movie because I love crime scene and investigative movies so I was relieved when we were told to watch it.  For my essay I have decided to write about the seven deadly sins and write about the movie's interpretation of these sins!  Like Somerset in the movie I am familiar with Dante's inferno and the Canterbury Tales, and many more that we saw Somerset research in the movie.  At the end when we realized that Mills had yelled at the photographer not realizing it was the killer I knew he had hurt his wife because Mills spelled out his name and caused a huge scene.  Even though the movie was made in 1995 in reality it still was not that hard to find out where one lived, etc.  The very end when Mills and Somerset took John Doe, the killer, to a field where at exactly the same time a van was brought with a package for Mills with his wife's head.  Overall this was a very good movie that I recommend everyone watch even if you're not required to!

Friday, April 4, 2014

always busy


These last few months have been the craziest and busiest time of my life.  I have been applying to transfer, registering for summer classes, and next weekend I tryout for William and Mary Cheerleading.  I am so excited for everything that is happening in my life and I have been looking forward to this for a while now. I am extremely lucky to have had wonderful professors to help me through my journey at RBC, my advisor has been so awesome as well anybody I have asked has been more than happy to write me a letter of recommendation and I love it.  Everything has not been easy though once you get above the professor level here at RBC nobody knows what they are doing.  The "higher-ups" have no sense of what it is like to be going through this process and it has been hell trying to work with them.  I just feel like some are unaware of the process and with me personally being the first one in my family to go through college, let alone experience the transfer process this has been difficult.  Although given these difficulties I am making it work and have officially singed up for all 19 summer credit hours that I need to graduate!  I have been trying really hard academically this semester and it has been seeming to pay off, I submitted my mid-term grades to William and Mary and I currently have 4 A's 2 B's and 1 C.  I am so pleased with myself because taking on 7 classes and working has been extremely difficult.  I hope everyone else is working just as hard and is looking forward to their future as much as I am with mine!  
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Poems in class

The poems we read and explain in class are very different we have looked at sad, happy, and weird poems these past couple of weeks.  I am not a fan of poetry it doesn't appeal to me at all.  When I was younger I did like to read "Where the sidewalk ends" but that was the extent of my poetry days.  Writing poetry is even worse for me…I love writing anything besides poetry.  My favorite thing to write would probably be journal articles.  I could not bear writing poetry though, I am a very straight-forward person and do not like to have to figure out what I'm reading I like for things to be self-explanatory.  I am hoping this unit goes by quickly because it is not interesting to me.  I try to stick it through just because I know some people enjoy it and that it is something we have to cover.  I am excited for this semester to be over and am excited for the expo!  It will be difficult deciding what I want to do my expo on and how I want to present it.  That is completely off topic but as I said I hope this unit doesn't last much longer!

Friday, February 28, 2014


I am graduating this summer from Richard Bland College and will be attending William and Mary in the fall, I graduated from Thomas Dale High school last year!  I will finish up my associates degree this summer by taking 18 credits and then start my degree at William and Mary.  I am more than excited to start and leave Richard Bland.  Transferring out has been such a difficult process and I have had a difficult experience getting everything together.  My advisor and professors have helped me the most here but everyone in the upper levels here do not know what they are doing at all.  William and Mary has been extremely helpful and they are allowing me to try out for their cheerleading team on april 19th which I am super excited about!  I cannot wait to be at William and Mary in the fall and actually having the college experience.  I'm taking classes at 3 different colleges this summer to finish my degree because they do not offer certain classes here that I need.  With taking 6 classes I'm relieved that majority of them are online!  This will help me with dealing with vacation, and working this summer so I don't have to take time to physically be in school.

how to become a writer

This was a good short story because it was easy for the class to relate to.  Francie the main character was a college student which we all can understand.  I wrote my essay for relating to a character on this story.  Francie was really easy to relate to because she explains the trouble of college life.  She describes living in a dorm and trying to figure out your major.  She also says how she changes her major and was doing something she ended up being unhappy with her major.  Everyone always has trouble deciding what their major is, and will always change it.  Rarely there are people who stick to their major.  The influence of your friends and peers can effect your major choice too.  When she wanted to write her friends and peers were asking what she writes and questioning her.  Being in college is the best time of your life, but you work very hard.  Having fun is always important but figuring out what you want to do for the rest of your life is a hard thing to do.